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Here is a list of some of the blog mentions and press that we've gotten since launching in September of 2011:

ZDNet / The Mobile Gadgeteer:

Turn Your Laptop Into A Whiteboard
"Of course, there are plenty of portable whiteboards, but the problem with them is that it’s yet another thing to carry around. Enter the DrawTop."


Add a Whiteboard to your Laptop
The DrawTop is an innovative creation that turns the top of your laptop (a previously unused space) into a whiteboard.


"Why didn't you think of this just-invented, Hub-based attachment that attaches via vinyl adhesive, and ingeniously turns your laptop cover into a whiteboard? Probably because you were stuck in conference-room- brainstorming sessions without a laptop whiteboard to encourage creativity."


DrawTop Turns Your Laptop Into a Handy Whiteboard
"Arg! Curse the tops of laptops everywhere for being so useless. And bless the DrawTop for transforming that useless metallic canvas into a highly functional whiteboard. The possibilities, as they say, are endless.

The DrawTop is beautifully simple and potentially so useful. Just slap one of these $12 vinyl stickers to the back of your computer and presto, you can now draw on the back of your laptop with a dry-erase marker. Scribble down notes on the fly! Draw pretty pictures of butterflies and ponies and 80s hair bands with your friends! Hell, alert cute fellow coffee shop squatters that you're available for dinner! See? Your formerly useless laptop back just turned into a personals ad."

Geek With Laptop:

The DrawTop turns your Laptop into a Whiteboard
"The DrawTop is undoubtedly a gimmick, but this innovative modern whiteboard may also prove very useful to laptop users."

Bert Verdonck, founder of Genius Shortcuts

Draw on top of your laptop with DrawTop
"What happens if your computer battery dies on you? Do you still carry a pen and paper? What if you could write on your laptop? No, really, write on it, like on a whiteboard!"


Put a Whiteboard on Your Laptop with DrawTop
"I love this idea. The DrawTop is a sticker that goes on top of your laptop and basically turns it into a whiteboard surface."

Laughing Squid

DrawTop, a Sticker That Turns a Laptop Into a Whiteboard
"DrawTop is an adhesive vinyl sticker that turns the backside of a laptop screen into a handy whiteboard"


DrawTop Turns Your Laptop Into a Whiteboard
"If you think that whipping out a marker and drawing on top of your shiny new MacBook Air that you just dropped $1,000 on is ridiculous, bear with us for a while. What we’re talking about here is the DrawTop, which is essentially a sticker version of the whiteboard that you can paste onto the lids of your laptops."

The Daily CatchUp

A Whiteboard on Your Laptop?


The Whiteboard Laptop & Other Laptop Mods