How To Apply DrawTop

The DrawTop comes as a sheet of adhesive vinyl with a paper backing. Although applying it smoothly and evenly to your laptop might seem tricky at first, we've scientifically determined the best way to do this, and have passed the secrets on to you!

1. Remove any stickers already applied to the laptop. This will start you off with a smooth surface.

2. Clean the laptop back with rubbing alcohol. Soap and warm water will do in a pinch (be careful with water around a laptop!) but make sure it's fully dry before moving on. This creates a clean surface for the adhesive to stick to.

3. Turn your laptop so that you're facing its long side, and remove the entire paper backing from the DrawTop. Avoid touching the sticky side too much.

4. Line up the long side of the laptop with the long side of the DrawTop, and lightly adhere the DrawTop to the laptop while everything's lined up perfectly.

5. With one hand holding one end of the DrawTop away from the laptop, use the other hand to smooth the one edge of the DrawTop down, again, making sure the two edges are lined up and that there are no bubbles forming.
6. Oh no! You have a bubble!? No worries -- just do this:
briefly remove the DrawTop and flatten out the bubble, pushing towards the sides (if you try to squish the bubble without removing part of the DrawTop first, you're just going to move the little bubble of air around, so don't do that!) Try not to remove and apply sections of the DrawTop too often -- it will lose its stickiness.

7. Flatten the rest of the DrawTop on the laptop, working from the edge that you've already stuck down, towards the top, trying to avoid air bubbles, wrinkles, and makings sure the surface is aligned with the laptop while you go.

8. After you've attached the entire DrawTop, run your hands firmly over the surface to smooth it down, concentrating on making sure that the edges are strongly adhered.

9. You're done! Now go and make your friends jealous!